About Us

We designed our clinic with your comfort in mind. Dr. Al-Omar engaged in hand selecting a variety of comforting colors and relaxing décor to treat her patients as if they were in a spa like atmosphere. Once you enter our clinic you will be greeted by professional, warm staff members that will provide the dental care.

Here at Gardenia Family Dental Clinic, Dr. Al-Omar integrates the most advanced technology and up to date equipment with a relaxing and stress free environment. She is always deeply concerned in the comfort of her patients and strives to provide the utmost in her dentistry and treatment.

We strive to make your experience a positive one and we look forward to taking care of you and your family!

Gardenia Family Dental Clinic

Dr. Lamis Al-Omar


I earned my second dental degree “Doctor of Dental Surgery” from the University of Western Ontario in 2013, prior to that, I obtained my first “Bachelor of Dental Surgery” in 2003.

Dentistry is a lifelong passion. When I was a child, I had the good fortune to be a patient of a dentist who exhibited passion, patience and created a reassuring environment that dispelled my fears. This experience solidified my goal to become a dentist. Today I, too practice dentistry with passion and skill, reassuring and educating patients so they are comfortable and prepared. When working with children, I have developed a special approach using humor to reduce their anxieties while introducing them to the clinic environment and performing procedures. My gift to others is excellent oral health, strong teeth, and a beautiful smile. I am continuously learning new technologies and procedures through attending conferences and registering for up to date courses. I am a member of the Canadian Dental Association, Alberta Dental Association and College, Academy of General Dentistry and Academy of GP Orthodontics


Dental Assistant

Ilona obtained her honours Dental Assistant diploma from Toronto School of Business in 1999, her PDA/CDA Level ll certificate and NDAEB certificate in 2004. For 17 years she was part of Ontario Dental team before moving to Alberta and joining Dr. Al-Omar at Gardenia Family Dental Clinic. With her positive attitude and caring personality Ilona is committed to provide a comfortable environment and full attention to our patients, and a strong support to Dr. Al-Omar in the highest quality of care and infection control.

When she is not at work, Ilona likes to spend time with her husband and their two sons.


Administrative Assistant

Lei achieved her Dental Administrative Assistant Diploma from Academy of Learning in 2018. Joining the team of Dr. Al-Omar at Gardenia Family Dental Clinic is a gratifying experience because she found a great team in the clinic.
Lei has done a lot of challenging and rewarding jobs after moving here in Edmonton 8 years ago and has honed her skills in interpersonal and client relations. Lei has a high regard for honesty, loyalty, optimism, adaptability and has a wide exposure to cultural diversity.

When she’s not at work, Lei spends time with her partner watching movies, practicing the skills of archery, building Lego’s and travelling.